Weighted blankets, sometimes known as a gravity blanket, apply “pressure therapy” to sleepers. Blankets come in a range of different weights and can be custom ordered for adults and children. An occupational therapist will usuallly advise people to use a blanket that is no more than 10% of a person’s body weight.
By providing the user with a feeling of gentle pressure similar to receiving a hug, they can assist people in getting a great night’s sleep.

Studies and research has shown that weighted blankets have many benefits for kids and adults including:
• they can help with insomnia and the treatment of other conditions
• can assist in reducing anxiety and stress
• can be used as a calming tool for children with autism, adhd and other disorders
• can help with the release of serotonin into the nervous system, providing calm and relaxation to the user

Weighted blankets can be purchased with different fillings such as pellets or glass beads.

Check out our online store for a huge range of products, where you can select a size of blanket for your bed and a weight that is appropriate for your body size. There will also be a fabric and design to suit your needs, along with everything you need to know to make your purchase.
For example, if you want a product that is soft and breathable you may wish to opt for cotton, but if it is warmth that you are looking for then you may wish to choose from our range of minky or fleecy fabrics.

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