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Plan Managed - Self Managed - NDIA Managed

At OT Warehouse we supply many products for NDIS clients.

If you are NDIS approved, or acting on behalf of an NDIS participant you may either;

purchase from OT Warehouse online and then use your invoice for an NDIS claim
request a quote from us of items that you would like to purchase
ask your Plan Manager to order from us directly on your behalf


To request a quote, please follow these instructions:
Browse through our store and add products to your cart
View your cart and click on the “Request NDIS Quote” link below the Proceed to Checkout button


Complete the “Email NDIS Quote”,  type the email address you want the quote to be sent to (you can select multiple people if you wish eg plan manager, OT, yourself, etc and click “Send”
We will email your nominated email address/es a quote for your order - this email will contain a direct link to your order (click "go to cart page" in the email)
When you or your plan manager are ready to order simply click the emailed link or login to otwarehouse.com.au and enter your quote number into our “find my quote” search box
Your original order that was quoted will appear on the screen. Select the items you wish to purchase and click “proceed to checkout”
Your order can now be purchased


If the funds are:

1. Plan Managed – we can email the quote to you or directly to your plan manager - just select the email address you want the quote sent to. To do this simply open your cart and click "email NDIS quote" - there will be a link in this email which will send you directly to your order for payment.


2. Self Managed – we will email the quote to you for you to claim or you can order directly from otwarehouse.com.au and use your invoice to claim.

3NDIA Managed - information coming very soon


We offer prompt support. If you are experiencing any difficulties

please email us at otwarehouse@outlook.com 
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